Assessing the Field of Post-Adoption Services: Family Needs, Program Models, and Evaluation Issues. Summary Report. 6.3.1 Evidence-Based Treatment Models


How can the field begin to build a foundation of evidence-based practice for PAS?

Moving forward: PAS programs have not yet developed an evidence base for treatment of adoptive families. They are proceeding down the path of other services  e.g., family preservation and SAMHSAs child and adolescent services system program (CASSP)  which became well-established before they were evaluated and are now struggling to document their effectiveness (Schoenwald and Hoagwood, 2001). The field needs a systematic approach to rigorously analyzing PAS.

A systematic approach can support development of clinical treatment models for use with adoptive families. There are existing paradigms that may guide this process well (e.g., Hoagwood, Burns, and Weisz, 2002; Rothman and Thomas, 1994). These approaches could be adapted to the current context of the PAS field to plan a long-term approach for the development of evidence-based services. A 10-year plan for the development of post-adoption service research could address selection of interventions to be tested, identification of the subpopulations of adoptive families for initial trials, dissemination of promising approaches, and subsequent program refinement.

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