Assessing the Field of Post-Adoption Services: Family Needs, Program Models, and Evaluation Issues. Summary Report. 3.4 Program Goals and Objectives


Program managers in case-study states identified several common program goals.

Preserving adoptive families. State adoption program managers shared the belief that the primary purpose of PAS programs was to help adoptive families stay together and to prevent out-of-home placements among adopted children.

Statewide access. Adoption program managers in all five states stressed the importance of offering services to adoptive families throughout the state. Regardless of program structure, adoption program managers reported that delivering services to rural areas was a particular challenge due to clustering of services around larger communities and demands of staff travel.

Family-centered services. Several adoption program managers reported that another explicit objective was to allow families to decide their level of involvement with PAS and to identify the types of services they felt they needed.

Adoptive family recruitment. In only one state did the adoption program manager expressly identify the PAS program as a tool for recruiting adoptive families. However, PAS providers in other states noted this connection, reporting that they often presented their PAS programs at pre-adoption parent trainings.

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