Assessing the Context of Permanency and Reunification in the Foster Care System: Wraparound Service Program in Santa Clara County, California . 2.2 Funding


Santa Clara County reimburses wraparound providers at the rate of $5,700 per month for each month that a child receives wraparound services with no limit on the number of months that services may be provided. For children placed out-of-home, the cost of foster or group home care is deducted from the provider's reimbursement. In addition to the monthly reimbursement rate, children receiving wraparound services in their parents' homes remain eligible for MediCal insurance for their medical and dental care. MediCal-eligible children may also receive county-funded mental health services. If other services are needed to maintain a child in a lower level of care, including parents' homes, DFCS and the Mental Health Department will supplement the wraparound reimbursement.