Assessing the Context of Permanency and Reunification in the Foster Care System: Mothers Making a Change Program . 2.5 Funding of Services


Funding for MMAC services comes from two main sources -- state Grant in Aid Block Grant monies (30%) and TANF funds (70%). The grant, managed by the state office, includes Safe and Stable Families monies used to fund reunification in the state. The TANF definition was recently broadened to "needy families," and clients must be receiving one DFCS service. Cases are 50 percent reunification clients and 50 percent family preservation clients. According to the director of women's services 49 of 90 (54%) DFCS referrals each month are CPS cases. Most of the other cases referred from DFCS come from the TANF employment program.

In addition to block grant and TANF funding, MMAC has received federal and state family preservation and support monies for about 4 years, and the program also received a minimum $75,000 state grant for family preservation services. These funds are utilized for housing, case management, or 6-month follow-up services for DFCS families and support dollars for other non-DFCS families served. It receives limited money from Medicaid reimbursement and about 5 percent from client fees.