Approaches to Evaluating Welfare Reform: Lessons from Five State Demonstrations. ACKNOWLEDGMENTS


Many individuals contributed to this report. Karin Martinson and Audrey Mirsky-Ashby of the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation and Peter Germanis of the Administration for Children and Families (all within the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services) guided the project throughout its course, and provided careful review of the report. John Burghardt of MPR provided internal review. The expert panel convened as part of this project contributed thoughtful and stimulating comments on the issues and influenced many of the report's recommendations. The panel included Daniel Friedlander of the Manpower Demonstration Research Corporation, Robert Moffitt of Johns Hopkins University, Larry Orr of the Brookings Institution and Abt Associates Inc., and Michael Wiseman of the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Patricia Ciaccio edited the report, and it was produced by Lisa Puliti, Debra Jones, Monica Capizzi, and Jill Miller.

We are particularly grateful to the individuals who provided us with information on the five state waiver evaluations reviewed, including both state staff and evaluation contractor staff. The state staff we contacted were Frank Rondas (California Department of Social Services), George Kurian (Colorado Department of Human Services), Robert Lovell (Michigan Department of Social Services), Charles Johnson (Minnesota Department of Human Services), and Jean Sheil (Wisconsin Department of Health and Social Services). The evaluators we spoke with or otherwise communicated with were Barbara Snow of UC DATA, Karen Garrett of the UC-Berkeley Survey Research Center, Walter Furman and Alisa Lewin of the UCLA School of Public Policy, Peggy Cuciti of the University of Colorado at Denver, Alan Werner of Abt Associates Inc., Virginia Knox of MDRC, and Philip Richardson of MAXIMUS. Without their patient assistance, this report would not have been possible.

The authors alone take responsibility for any errors that remain, and for all opinions expressed.