The Application Process For TANF, Food Stamps, Medicaid, and SCHIP. An Overview of Common Steps in the Application Process


The traditional TANF/FSP/Medicaid integrated application process not only provides a single point of entry; it is typically much longer and more involved than the SCHIP or Medicaid-only application processes. This section provides a generic description of what is involved in each step of the TANF/FSP/Medicaid application process (see Exhibit 3-3) and then describes each site’s application processes in greater detail. The steps that lead up to eligibility determination  — reception, screening, up-front requirements, eligibility interview — are most commonly experienced by families applying for TANF/FSP/Medicaid through traditional means, namely the welfare office.

Exhibit 3-3:
A Typical TANF/FSP/Medicaid Application Process

Exhibit 3-3: A Typical TANF/FSP/Medicaid Application Process. See text for explanation and data.

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