The Application Process For TANF, Food Stamps, Medicaid, and SCHIP. Less Information Requested from Non-Applicants


In general, Medicaid/SCHIP applications request much less information than integrated applications aboutnon-applicants' SSNs and citizenship/immigration status.12 In the case of Seattle, for example, spaces are actually blacked-out where citizenship and immigration information is asked about the non-applicant adults and children in the household. Additionally, in the spaces where SSNs are requested of the non-applicants, there is an asterisk indicating that reporting SSNs is optional for these household members. By blacking out the spaces for citizenship/immigration status and providing the option of not reporting SSNs, the application clearly does not collect, or require, this information from non-applicants. The SCHIP application used in Arlington specifically states, "We do not need information on the citizenship status of any adults in your family" and only requests that applicant children are listed on the application. In contrast, the Medicaid/SCHIP application used in Raleigh asks for information, including SSNs, for " everyone in the home" including parents and non-applicant children and other non-applicants living in the household.

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