Ancillary Services to Support Welfare to Work. Acknowledgments


This document was prepared by Mathematica Policy Research, Inc. (MPR) under a contract with the Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation (ASPE) of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. The authors wish to thank the many people who contributed to its successful completion. First and foremost was the original project officer, Steve Bartolomei-Hill, whose vision of what state and local welfare agency staff need--and would be likely to use--in this time of critical program review provided invaluable direction to the document's content and overall design. Richard Silva, upon Steve's departure from ASPE, continued to provide helpful guidance and suggestions.

At the state and local level, many agency and program staff provided us with national, state, and local data; discussed program operations and implementation issues with us; pointed us toward additional sources of information; and agreed to help in the dissemination of this document. In particular, directors and staff from the programs described at the end of each of the ten sections in this document gave generously of their time in conversation, sending us materials, reviewing our brief descriptions, and agreeing to be listed as contacts for those interested in additional information. Staff from both ASPE and the Administration for Children and Families reviewed portions of the document and provided us with constructive suggestions regarding both design and content. Catherine Runyan, from Ohio Family and Children First, and David Gruenenfelder, from the Illinois Department of Human Services, also reviewed the document and helped shape the final version.

Staff at MPR also played an important role in the completion of this report. Pamela Jones, who was responsible for a large portion of the initial identification of data sources and programs, talked at length with the many people we consulted to gather much of the information for the report and wrote early drafts of numerous program descriptions. Walter Brower and Patricia Ciaccio carefully edited the document. Monica Capizzi and Cathy Harper provided exemplary production support. Jan Watterworth assisted with identifying and obtaining many of the referenced documents. LaDonna Pavetti carefully reviewed the document and gave constructive feedback and suggestions. Stuart Kerachsky, the project director, provided invaluable guidance and support throughout all phases of our work.

We gratefully acknowledge these many contributions and accept sole responsibility for any errors that may remain.