Analytical Framework for Examining the Value of Antibacterial Products. 5.1.10 Average Expected Price per Patient


As noted previously, there are a number of diagnostics for MRSA that are currently in the U.S. market.  To estimate the average expected price per patient, we used the reported per-patient test costs under Cepheid’s Federal Supply Schedule agreement with the Department of Veteran Affairs.  Under that schedule, the per-patient-test cost for Cepheid’s Xpert MRSA assay ranges from $71.02 to $81.62 when their 3-year pricing option is used (Cepheid, 2008).  Thus, we estimate that the new rapid POC diagnostic will cost $76 per patient per test.  For sensitivity analysis, we use a triangular distribution for the average per-patient price with a lower bound of $70 and an upper bound of $85.

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