Analysis of State Actions Regarding Donor Registries. Maintenance and Support/Technical Aspects


The group raised several technical issues related to maintenance and support of a donor registry, many of which proved integral to considerations about linking and modifying state registries. These are listed below.

Housing of the Registry. The first consideration in developing and/or linking donor registries is determining where the registry is, or should be, housed. Registries may be housed in any of several entities, including an OPO, a division of motor vehicles, a state department of health, the state police, or a managed care organization.

Compatibility. Once the determination of where the registry is to be housed is made, linkage between the recovery agencies and the registry database site must be made, including ensuring compatibility of hardware and software.

Information Maintenance. There must also be a mechanism for keeping the database up to date (i.e., purging those who are deceased or have opted out and adding those who have joined), and a mechanism to quickly and accurately search for individuals in the database.

Cost and Funding. Several participants pointed out that the cost of such a database could be substantial. Costs include purchasing the hardware and software, personnel to operate and maintain the database, and purchasing or buying the rights to upgraded hardware and software. Options for collecting funds include state allocation, grants, donations, or special tax increases.