Analysis of State Actions Regarding Donor Registries. APPENDIX A: Legislative SEARCH STRATEGY


Collection of the most recent state legislative information was conducted by using the legislative search engine of the Health Policy Tracking Service of the National Conference of State Legislatures, search engines (if available) of individual states, and other sources via the World Wide Web. We also searched the DIALOG database (legislative and legal citations) for relevant articles in gray literature. Other sources included the Louisiana Organ Procurement Agency 1997 Report of State Legislation, covering state actions from the early 1990s to 1997, as well as documentation provided by registry representatives from the states in attendance of the conference, "Are Donor Registries Advance Directives?: Developing, Linking, Modifying Statewide Donor Registries," held in New Orleans, Louisiana, July 27-28, 1999 (see Appendix B). Lastly, the members of the Association of Organ Procurement Organizations were polled and solicited to submit copies of legislation each was utilizing to support development of local donor registries.

To identify pertinent articles in the DIALOG database, we applied key search terms as described in the table below.

Legislative Information Search Methods
Database Type Database Names Years >Search Terms
DIALOG MEDLINE; HealthSTAR; PROMPT; EMBASE; SciSearch; PASCAL; Periodical Abstracts Plustext; Social SciSearch; EMBASE ALERT; Newspaper Abstracts Daily; Biosis Previews; Sociological Abstr.; PAIS INT.; FEDRIP; Chem Bus NewsBase; Los Angeles Times; Pittsburgh Post-Gazette; State Tax Today 1990-Present ((organ ( ) allocat? or organ

( ) donation?) AND registr? AND (legislat? OR barr? OR solution?))