Analysis of the Joint Distribution of Disproportionate Share Hospital Payments. Acknowledgements


We would like to thank the members of our Technical Expert Panel, who provided many thoughtful insights and constructive comments. The members were: Linda Bilheimer, Ph.D., The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation; Molly Collins and Donald Mays, American Hospital Association; Lynne Fagnani, National Association of Public Hospitals and Health Systems; Stuart Guterman, Ph.D., Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services; Leighton Ku, Ph.D., Center on Budget and Policy Priorities; Judith Lave, Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh; and, Matt Salo, National Governors' Association. Dr. Guterman was previously at the Urban Institute and made major contributions to the project's design and conceptual framework.

In addition, we are grateful for the help we received in our in-depth analysis of California, New York, and Wisconsin DSH payments. Individuals who provided assistance included Santiago Munoz at the California Public Hospital Association; Karen Heller, Elisabeth Wynn and Patricia Wang, Esq. at the Greater New York Hospital Association, and Jan Spooner at the Wisconsin Department of Health and Family Services.

Finally, we would like to thank our Project Officer, George Greenberg in the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation, DHHS and his colleagues Caroline Taplin and Jennifer Tolbert (now at the National Association of Public Hospitals and Health Systems) for the guidance and support that they provided throughout this project.

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