Analysis of Integrated HIV Housing and Care Services. A. Overview of HIV/AIDS Housing Assistance


Although HOPWA and RWP both provide housing assistance and support services to PLWHA, their missions differ. RWP’s overall goal is to provide HIV care and related services to people who are without sufficient health care coverage or the financial resources to cope with the disease on their own (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, HIV/AIDS Bureau [HAB] 2013). Although RWP provides housing assistance as part of its portfolio of support services, current law requires that most RWP funds are used for core medical services, including outpatient ambulatory medical care, prescription HIV medications, and oral health care. In contrast, HOPWA is the only federal program dedicated to addressing the housing needs of PLWHA and their families (HUD 2013). Most, but not all, HOPWA funds are spent on housing assistance. The differences in the programs’ services are detailed below.

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