Analysis of Integrated HIV Housing and Care Services. J. Program Implementation and Progress


I’d like to wrap up this discussion by learning more about your program’s successes and challenges.

  1. In general, how is the partnership with the River Region Human Services going? What aspects of the partnership have been the most successful?
  2. What challenges, if any, have you encountered as part of your collaboration on this IHHP program?


    • Have you implemented any strategies to address these challenges? If so, please describe.
  3. What elements of the River Region Human Services’ IHHP project do you think are the most important in meeting the needs of people living with HIV/AIDS?
  4. Are there innovative features that you feel distinguish the IHHP project from other housing programs targeting people living with HIV/AIDS?


    • Integrated practices in client outreach, enrollment, services, and linkages to care.
    • Enhanced staff qualifications and training; comprehensive, coordinated care teams.
    • Integration of housing and health care data collection, reporting, and evaluation systems.
    • Local coordination of service providers; streamlined access to housing and health care.
    • Collaborative community needs assessment and planning; local awareness and support.
    • Local and state policy advocacy supporting the integration of HIV housing and health care services.
  5. What are some lessons that the Health Planning Council has learned about integrating housing and health care services for people with HIV/AIDS?

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