Analysis of Integrated HIV Housing and Care Services. II. hiv housing Analysis


A quantitative analysis of federal housing assistance program data was conducted to understand and compare the scope of HIV housing assistance services funded by HOPWA and RWP, including the volume and types of services provided and the characteristics of the people receiving the assistance. The analysis also sought to compare the housing status and health outcomes of people who received housing assistance to those of people who did not. An additional goal was to explore the feasibility of conducting a correlational study of the relationship between individual housing assistance and health and housing outcomes.

The findings are significant in several ways. First, the analysis provides a direct comparison of 2010 program data available from HOPWA and RWP. Second, it provides the first public reporting of RSR housing assistance analyses. Third, it assesses the feasibility of conducting correlational studies of housing assistance and outcomes using HOPWA and RWP data. Last, where possible, findings are reported at both state and national levels to aid federal housing assistance planning and development.

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