Analysis of Integrated HIV Housing and Care Services. G. Linkage to HIV Care


  1. How is housing assistance coordinated with medical care through the Health Planning Council’s IHHP program?
  2. Does the program have any formal or informal arrangements with health care providers to coordinate housing assistance and medical care?


    • Does your program work with specific clinics and health centers, or providers to link and retain clients in HIV care?
    • Are particular referral processes used to help clients access services from other providers? Please provide an example of how clients are linked to appropriate health care services.
    • How do providers share client information or coordinate services to make referrals, or to ensure proper HIV care for program clients?
    • How frequently does the program attempt to communicate with health centers and/or providers regarding program clients?
    • In the program’s efforts to link clients to healthcare services, have staff members developed shared goals and/or protocols with outside clinics and health centers?
    • To facilitate better linkages, has the program changed the way that clients are linked to healthcare services?

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