Analysis of Integrated HIV Housing and Care Services. C. Program Staffing


We are interested in understanding how the IHHP program is staffed.

  1. How many staff work in the program, and in what positions/roles?

    [Note: program staff may include: a housing program manager, director, or coordinator; a housing planner or specialist; a direct service supervisor; service coordinator, or social worker; an outreach or intake worker; a program data manager; a mental health or substance abuse treatment counselor; a clinical care physician, nurse, or physician assistant; and/or others.]

  2. What percent of their time is spent on the IHHP program?


    • Does the program use a team-based approach, where clients are assigned to specific teams, or are clients assigned to certain staff?
    • If team-based, what are the team’s responsibilities? Are teams multidisciplinary or interdisciplinary? Who is included on the team?
    • Are teams composed of members from other organizations? If so, what organizations?
  3. What is the average number of clients served by each staff?
  4. What program-specific trainings have staff members received?


    • What topics are covered? 
    • What is the duration and frequency of training?
    • Describe any HIV/AIDS competency training provided.
    • Describe any cultural competency training provided.

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