Analysis of Integrated HIV Housing and Care Services. C. Program Staffing


We are interested in understanding how the Health Planning Council’s IHHP grant-related activities are being staffed.

  1. How many staff work in the program, and in what positions/roles?
  2. What percent of their time is spent on the program?


    • Does the program use a team-based approach, where clients are assigned to specific teams, or are clients assigned to certain individual staff?
    • If team-based, what are the team’s responsibilities? Are teams multidisciplinary or interdisciplinary? Who is included on the team?
    • Are teams composed of members from other organizations? If so, what organizations?
  3. What is the average number of clients served by each staff?
  4. What program-specific trainings have staff members received?


    • What topics are covered?
    • What is the duration and frequency of training?
    • Describe any HIV/AIDS competency training provided.
    • Describe any cultural competency training provided.

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