Analysis of Integrated HIV Housing and Care Services. C. Opportunities for Improvement


This section offers ideas for how the service integration and data management of integrated housing and HIV care programs can be improved through further study and policy development.

  • The IHHP sites should be revisited at the end of their grant cycle to see how they were able to develop an integrated planning process at the community level and what they have accomplished in terms of creating more integrated data systems.
  • The potential impact of the Affordable Care Act on the linkage between HOPWA housing assistance and RWP case management programs could be significant. Monitoring and researching as Affordable Care Act coverage expansions are implemented in 2014 and beyond is warranted.
  • The three-way model of housing assistance, employment services, and HIV care integration should be studied in more detail, and the model’s effectiveness evaluated as an alternate model of service integration.
  • New demonstration projects pooling HOPWA and RWP resources into one integrated HIV housing and care program should be considered and researched as an alternate model bundling housing with health care.
  • Adding client-level variables that are common to both HOPWA and RWP data systems, including variables that capture the assistance received from both programs, would allow better linkage of the programs’ databases and facilitate research examining the services received and resulting outcomes for participants served by both programs.
  • Increased understanding of the differences between PLWHA who receive housing assistance and those who do not could help to inform and improve housing practices addressing the unique needs of these subgroups. It may also be valuable to explore state-level program differences in greater detail.
  • The creation of new integrated CoC intake systems might involve developing new linkages among HMIS, CAREWare, and electronic health record data systems. This development should be monitored and studied to see what new data system forms result.

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