Analysis of Integrated HIV Housing and Care Services. B. Program Context and Characteristics


I have a few background questions for you about the River Region Human Services and the SPNS grant.

  1. Please describe the overall size, scope, and mission of River Region Human Services? 
  2. How long has River Region Human Services provided HIV housing services? What types of services are currently provided, to whom, and in what locations?
  3. What motivated your agency’s decision to apply for the IHHP SPNS grant?
  4. What does the agency hope to accomplish through this grant? 
  5. When did the agency receive the grant award and for how much funding?
  6. How is the funding being used – to start a new program, modify an existing program, or expand existing services to a new area or population?  Please explain.
  7. What is the IHHP program’s current budget?
  8. In addition to the IHHP grant, what funding, if any, comes from other sources (HOPWA, other HUD sources, Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program Part A or B, and other sources)?
  9. When did River Region Human Services start serving IHHP clients? 
  10. How many are currently being served? 
  11. In what locations are clients being served?


  • Describe the project’s demographic characteristics of the program’s clients, for example age, gender, language(s) spoken, race/ethnicity, income, housing status, and HIV status.

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