Analysis of Integrated HIV Housing and Care Services. 2. HOPWA Housing Services


HOPWA also funds both housing and support services. Housing services include the acquisition, rehabilitation, or new construction of housing units; costs for facility operations; rental assistance; and short-term payments to prevent homelessness. HOPWA may also fund health care and mental health services, chemical dependency treatment, nutritional services, case management, assistance with daily living, and other support services. The HOPWA housing service categories used in this analysis include tenant-based rental assistance (TBRA); permanent housing facilities; transitional/short-term housing facilities; and short-term rent, mortgage, and utility (STRMU) assistance. Within HOPWA, the following housing-related services are eligible3:

  • TBRA: This rental subsidy program helps low-income households gain access to affordable housing. TBRA vouchers are not tied to specific units, so tenants can move to a different unit without losing their assistance.
  • Permanent Housing Facilities
    • Operating subsidies pay for facility-based permanent housing expenses, including utilities, maintenance, equipment, insurance, security, furnishings, supplies, and salary for housing project (but not service delivery) staff.
    • The program pays for the cost of leasing permanent housing units (scattered sites or entire buildings) that a nonprofit or public agency leases from a landlord and then subleases to program participants.
    • HOPWA also pays for capital development projects, specifically for the acquisition, conversion, lease, repair, and rehabilitation of permanent housing facilities and the construction of Single Room Occupancy facilities and community residences dedicated to PLWHA.
  • Transitional/Short-Term Facilities (Short-Term): This category includes short term supported housing facilities and transitional housing support that may also include provision of supportive services as part of an individualized plan to guide the client’s linkage to permanent housing.
  • STRMU Assistance: This time-limited housing subsidy provides short-term payment of rental costs, mortgage payments, or utilities; designed to prevent homelessness and increase housing stability.  Assistance can be provided for up to 21 weeks in any 52-week period.

HOPWA also funds Permanent Housing Placement services which are used to establish a household in a housing unit. However, Housing Placement service data were not included in these analyses because it was not possible to de-duplicate the number of households that received housing assistance services from the number of households that received housing placement services.

3 HOPWA Program: Consolidated Annual Performance and Evaluation Report. Available at [].

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