Analysis of Child Welfare Services Expenditure Data and Child Day Care Expenditure Data: Phase II Report. A. Federal Funding As a Revenue Source


In most of the States contacted, funds received from most Federal sources are merged into a general or departmental funding pool prior to allocation to program or service areas. The State allocation method might be analogous to a water system where many rivers flow into a reservoir, but when water comes out of the tap, the amount of it that comes from a specific river cannot readily be determined.

As a result, expenditures for services are not traceable to individual Federal funding sources by specific amounts. In other words, most existing State systems for allocating resources make it impossible to identify how much a specific program such as SSBG, Title IV-B, or IV-E money went to Day Care, Substitute Care, Protection, or any other specific service.

For a few States, however, we were able to identify which funds were used for a particular service, but not the specific amount or percentage of Federal versus State funds.

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