Analysis of Child Welfare Services Expenditure Data and Child Day Care Expenditure Data: Phase II Report. E. Child Day Care Service Results


Total Federal, state and local spending reported for Child Day Care services in 47 States for 1985 was $1,030,154,699. Estimated spending adjusting for administrative and other non-direct costs for all States totaled $1,096,187,184. (These figures represent little change from those contained in the Phase I report.)

The four States with the highest expenditures for Child Day Care services in 1985 were:

  Estimated Fed., St., Loc Expenditures Percent of Est. Expenditures
California $325,815,000 29.7%
New York $141,330,000 12.9%
Pennsylvania $70,350,000 6.4%
Massachusetts $53,003,651 4.8%

The next five highest States were:

Illinois $39,030,810 3.6%
Texas $37,693,234 3.4%
New Jersey  $37,084,814 3.4%
Florida $36,294,070 3.3%
Ohio $30,319,326 2.8%
Total  $770,920,000   70% 

The top nine States account for $770,920 million out of a reported total of $1.096 billion which represents approximately 70% of spending on day care.

The next nine States account for $159,554 million, or 15% of the total national estimated expenditure for Child Day Care. Altogether the top 18 States spend approximately $930,474 million, or 85% of total Federal, State, and local estimated expenditures for Child Day Care.

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