Analysis of Child Welfare Services Expenditure Data and Child Day Care Expenditure Data: Phase II Report. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS


This report, Phase II Report, contains the results of the second phase of the child welfare services expenditure data clarification study that the American Public Welfare Association (APWA) conducted. The study was supported by a contract (No. SA-88-1627) awarded to APWA by the office of the Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation (ASPE), the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), and Bowers and Associates, Inc., under subcontract to APWA, prepared this report.

APWA wishes to thank the chief executive officers and their staff members in charge of child welfare expenditure data of the state human service agencies that participated in both the first and second phases of this data clarification study. Twenty states during the first phase and 26 other states in the second phase either verified the expenditure data that APWA had compiled or provided APWA with revised data. APWA is grateful to Mr. William Prosser, project officer at ASPE for his advice and guidance.

Finally, APWA is indebted to Mr. Gary Bowers and Ms. Margaret Bowers for their assistance in completing both phases of the study. These consultants analyzed information received by states and personally contacted states to further clarify/verify their responses, whenever necessary.

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