Analysis of the California In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) Plus Waiver Demonstration Program. Preferences in the Selection of Paid IHSS Providers and Outcomes


The selection of a parent or spouse as a paid provider, across all age groups, is partly a function of available family members, but differences in the proportion among race/ethnic groups “selecting” each of the various provider types suggests that cultural preferences may be an important selection factor. Wage and other possible influences on provider availability were not a focus of these analyses, but IHSS wage rates (which vary by county) did not have a consistent association with the selection of paid Parent or Spouse providers. To the contrary, higher wages were marginally associated with an increased use of Non-Relative providers, and Parents and Spouses were more likely to be paid providers when wages were low (and presumably it may be more difficult to attract Non-Relative providers). These patterns could be regional effects, rather than associated with wages.

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