Analysis of the California In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) Plus Waiver Demonstration Program. IHSS Plus vs. the Residual Program Participation


The number of recipients cared for by spouses and parents of minors paid as IHSS providers remained relatively constant between 2004 (under the IHSS Residual Program) and 2005 (under the IHSS Plus Waiver); as did the number of persons (about 1,600 recipients combined in 2005) participating in the Restaurant Meal voucher and Advance Pay waiver-eligible services. The new recipients, as a group, tended to be somewhat less impaired, to have lower health care expenditures, and to receive fewer IHSS authorized hours than the group of recipients who were in IHSS for the prior year or longer. These attributes likely could be common to all cohorts of new recipients, and may not be unique to IHSS Plus Waiver program entrants. The race/ethnic and provider mix is somewhat different comparing the new and continuing program cohorts, showing a proportionate increase in Hispanic and Asian recipients. A single year comparison is not sufficient to document a trend in these characteristics.

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