Analysis of the California In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) Plus Waiver Demonstration Program. County Characteristics


Two measures are used to represent county differences in the analysis. One of these is the modal hourly wage rate paid for IHSS services. For purposes of the analysis we have grouped these into categories into wage categories that also happen to be broadly indicative of geographic regions. The groupings are less than $7.50/hour (17.8% of IHSS recipients statewide), $7.50 (44.5%), $8-$8.50 (15.6%), $9.50-$9.75 (14.4%), $10-$10.50 (7.7%). The distribution of the wage rates is shown in Table 8. Los Angeles and Fresno Counties, which have the same modal wage rate, are combined as the reference category, allowing the vector of dummy coded price ranges to be interpreted as both a comparison to these counties and the statewide median wage rate (the average is about $8.06). The second county measure is personal income per 1,000 county population. This has been represented in the analysis in units per $1,000.25

25. See Appendix B, Table B-4 for a listing of personal income per capita by county.

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