Alternative Risk-Adjustment Approaches to Assessing the Quality of Home Health Care: Final Report. TABLE 3: Final Set of Core Items Included as Risk-Adjusters in All Alternative Models


TABLE 3. Final Set of Core Items Included as Risk-Adjusters in All Alternative Models
Core Variables OASIS Items Specification
   Age M0066 <65
65-74 (reference category)
   Sex M0069 Female
Male (reference category)
   Current payer M0150 Any Medicaid
Medicare HMO
Medicare FFS and Other (reference category)
Discharge Past 14 Days:
   Discharge from hospital M0175 Yes
No (reference category)
   Discharge from rehabilitation facility
   Discharge from nursing home
Baseline value of outcome indicator Varies depending on outcome indicator   
   Overall prognosis M0260 Poor (reference category)
   Rehabilitation prognosis M0270 Guarded (reference category)
   Diabetes (PPS group) M0230, M0240 Yes
No (reference category)
(Note: diagnoses are not mutually exclusive)
   Neurological (PPS group)
   Orthopedic (PPS group)
   Wound/Burn (PPS group)
   Heart failure
   Skin ulcer
   Orthopedic (other than PPS)
   Mental condition
   Signs, symptoms, and Ill-defined conditions
Diagnosis Severity:
   Number of severity ratings >2 M0230S, M0240S Integer count (range 0 to 6)
Sensory Status:
   Vision M0390 Normal (reference category)
Partially impaired
Severely impaired
   Speech/language M0410 No impairment (reference category)
Minimal difficulty
Moderate difficulty
Severe difficulty (categories 3-5)
Integumentary Status:
   Surgical wound present M0482 Yes
No (reference category)
   Stage of most problematic pressure ulcer M0440, M0445, M0460 Scale 0-4 (0 = No pressure ulcer)
   Status of most problematic stasis ulcer M0440, M0468, M0476 Scale 0-3 (0 = No stasis ulcer)
Physical Functioning:
   ADL/IADL summary score M0640 through M0780 Integer count 0-14 (0 = No impairment)
Elimination Status:
   Urinary incontinence severity M0520, M0530 No incontinence (reference category)
Timed voiding deters incontinence
Night only
Day and Night
   Urinary catheter M0520 Yes
No (reference category)
   Bowel incontinence M0540 Rarely or Never (reference category)
Less than once weekly
1-3 times weekly
4-6 times weekly
Daily or more often (categories 4-5)
   Ostomy for bowel elimination M0550 Yes (categories 1-2)
No (reference category)
Neuro/Emotional/Behavioral Status:
   Cognitive functioning M0560 No impairments (reference category)
Requires prompting
Requires assistance and some direction
Requires considerable assistance
Totally dependent
   Confusion frequency M0570 Never (reference category)
New or complex situations only
On awakening or at night
Day and evening, not constantly
   Anxiety frequency M0580 None (reference category)
Less often than daily
Daily, but not constantly
All of the time
   Verbal disruption at least once weekly M0610_3 Yes
No (reference category)
   Symptoms of depression M0590 None (reference category)
Depressed mood
Any other symptoms

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