Alternative Risk-Adjustment Approaches to Assessing the Quality of Home Health Care: Final Report. FIGURE 6: Inclusion of OASIS-B1 Elements in Risk-Adjustment Models


FIGURE 6. Inclusion of OASIS-B1 Elements in Risk-Adjustment Models
M0175_NA* M0100 M0150_1 M0190_A M0140_1 M0140_2 M0140_3 M0140_4 M0140_5 M0140_6 M0140_UK    
M0200 M0220_1 M0190_B M0210_A M0210_B M0150_0 M0150_5 M0150_6 M0150_7 M0150_8 M0150_9 M0150_10 M0150_11
M0220_2 M0220_3 M0220_4 M0210_C M0210_D M0220_UK M0150_UK M0175_5* M0180 M0220_7 M0220_NA M0250_3* M0250_4*
M0066 M0220_5 M0220_6 M0250_1* M0250_2* M0280 M0290_4 M0290_3 M0340_4 M0340_5 M0340_6 M0825 M0350_3
M0069 M0150_2 M0290_1 M0290_2 M0290_3 M0300 M0340_1 M0340_2 M0380_3 M0380_4 M0380_5 M0380_6 M0380_7
M0150_3 M0150_4 M0175_1* M0290_UK M0430 M0340_3 M0350_1 M0350_2 M0350_4 M0380_UK M0450_E* M0474 M0486
M0175_2* M0175_3* M0175_4* M0230_A* M0300_2 M0510 M0350_UK M0360 M0370 M0380_1 M0500_3 M0500_4 M0550*
M0230S_A* M0240_B* M0240_C* M0240_D* M0610_1* M0610_2* M0610_5* M0380_2 M0400 M0450_A* M0450_B* M0610_7* M0810
M0240_E* M0240_F* M0240S_B* M0240S_C_D* M0240S_D* M0640P M0650P M0660P M0450_C* M0450_D* M0464 M0470 M0820
M0240S_E* M0240S_F* M0260 M0270 M0390* M0410 M0670P M0680P M0690P M0484 M0488* M0500_1 M0610_4*
M0420* M0440* M0445 M0460* M0468 M0476* M0482 M0700P M0710P M0720P M0610_6* M0620 M0630
M0490* M0520 M0530* M0540* M0560 M0570 M0580 M0590_1 M0590_2 M0740P M0750P M0730P M0790
M0590_3 M0590_4 M0590_5 M0590_6 M0610_3* M0640 M0650* M0660* M0670* M0680* M0760P M0790P M0800
M0690* M0700* M0710 M0720 M0730 M0740 M0750 M0760 M0770 M0780 M0770P M0780P M0800P
Elements Used In: Core
U of Co
Not Used
OASIS Element       X
OASIS Element     X  
OASIS Element   X X  
OASIS Element X X X  
OASIS Element X X    
NOTE: There is a total of 180 OASIS elements for risk-adjustment.

* Item used in home health resource group case-mix classification for Medicare payment.

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