Advancing States' Child Indicator Initiatives: Promotional Indicators Forum . Orientation to Projects and State Summaries


Printed summaries of state projects were part of the materials package distributed before the meeting. In addition, the four convening states offered brief verbal summaries.


Rebekah Hudgins said that Georgia had developed 26 benchmarks and is working to make these benchmarks more promotional.


Minnesota's interests include promoting federal interest in indicators and enhancing cross-state data comparability.

New York

Toni Lang of the New York State Council on Children and Families said that New York is involved in a number of indicators projects to complement the traditionally based New York Touchstones. It is also now training practitioners in promotional approaches, looking to expand the Youth Risk Behavior Survey to support promotional measures, and working on a web site.

West Virginia

Steve Heasley, a consultant to the Governor's Children's Cabinet, said that in the last three or four years of working on indicators, he has been struck by the limitations of available data. He has not found state administrative data particularly useful. The quest to find data that are useful has led West Virginia to promotional indicators. Just talking about these indicators, even if nothing else is accomplished, "changes the whole gestalt" and that is useful.