Advancing States' Child Indicator Initiatives: Promotional Indicators Forum . In-Depth Discussion of Categories & Working Toward Agreement


The afternoon session opened with Nilofer Ahsan's observation that the last session of the morning had been marked by tension between those who want to work on the indicator domains and those who want to look at the larger picture. In preparation for small group discussions, Trivette led the group through a discussion of the indicator domain physical health of young children. Dimensions of this indicator that were mentioned included

  • Food security
  • Health insurance
  • Safety
  • Physical activity
  • Self-care and hygiene
  • Reaching appropriate physical milestones
  • Quality care
  • Environmental quality (possibly including lead poisoning)
  • Routine well-child care visits
  • A child's health knowledge and awareness of its own health needs
  • Healthy diet and nutrition (this could be a component of food security and there was discussion over how availability and consumption were distinct but related)
  • Preventive dental care
  • Access to emergency and specialized care
  • Having models of healthy behavior
  • Having access to playgrounds and recreational equipment

Following this conversation, the group divided into five groups to discuss these indicator domains: families, parents, young children, youth, and communities. The in-depth discussions took place in small groups. The small groups then proceeded to identify possible indicators. Both efforts are presented in the next section.