Adoption USA. A Chartbook Based on the 2007 National Survey of Adoptive Parents. Notes


i Estimate based on weighted data from the NSAP. This estimate excludes children in informal adoptions (i.e., without legally finalized adoptions) as well as those living with at least one biological parent, most of whom are living in step families. Further information about the population of adopted children represented by the NSAP is available in the technical appendix.

ii The age distributions of adopted children also vary by adoption type, but in many cases, sample sizes became too small to yield reliable estimates for age subgroups separately by adoption type.

iii The difference between the percentages of all children and of adopted children who have moderate or severe depression is marginally significant (p<.10).

iv Twenty-two percent of children adopted from foster care were living with their birth family immediately prior to living with their adoptive parents, and an additional 22 percent were placed with their adoptive families in their first month of life. These figures suggest that, for up to 45 percent of children adopted from foster care, their adoptive parents were their only foster placement. However, it is possible that some adopted children may have lived in another foster placement, returned to their birth parents, and then moved in with their adoptive parents.

v This is possible for those variables based on data from the National Survey of Children’s Health.

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