Adopted Children with Special Health Care Needs: Characteristics, Health, and Health Care by Adoption Type. Statistical Analysis


We used the statistical software package SUDAAN, version 9, to obtain variance estimates that take into account the impact of the sampling weights and complex survey design using the Taylor Series approximation method (RTI, 2004).  Statistical comparisons by adoption type were assessed using a t-test of the difference of proportions at the 0.05 level; estimates for international adoptions and private domestic adoptions were each compared with estimates for foster care adoptions.  No adjustments were made to correct for multiple comparisons with a single referent group.  Statistical comparisons of adopted CSHCN and all CSHCN were assessed using a t-test of the difference of proportions, where the standard error of the difference was adjusted to account for nonindependence of the two groups by incorporating their covariance.  Estimates with a relative standard error (standard error divided by the estimate) higher than 0.3 do not meet NCHS standards for reliability and are flagged as unreliable in the tables.  All comparisons are bivariate; disentangling the relationships among age at adoption, adoption type, and other variables is beyond the scope of this report.

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