Action Against Asthma: A Strategic Plan for the Department of Health and Human Services . Related Objectives From Other Focus Areas


1. Access to Quality Health Services
1-10. Delay or difficulty in getting emergency care
7. Educational and Community-Based Programs
7-8. Satisfaction with patient education
7-10. Culturally appropriate community health promotion
8. Environmental Health
8-1. Harmful air pollutants
8-2. Alternative modes of transportation
8-3. Cleaner alternative fuels
8-4. Airborne toxins
8-14. Toxic pollutants
8-16. Indoor allergens
8-17. Office building air quality
8-20. School policies to protect against environmental hazards
8-23. Substandard housing
8-26. Information systems used for environmental health
8-27. Monitoring environmentally related diseases
8-28. Local agencies using surveillance data for vector control
11. Health Communication
11-6. Satisfaction with providers’ communication skills
15. Injury and Violence Prevention
15-15. Deaths from motor vehicle crashes
15-17. Nonfatal motor vehicle injuries
20. Occupational Safety and Health
20-1. Work-related injury deaths
20-2. Work-related injuries
20-4. Pneumoconiosis deaths
22. Physical Activity and Fitness
22-6. Moderate physical activity in young persons
22-7. Vigorous physical activity in young people
23. Public Health Infrastructure
23-2. Public access to information and surveillance data
23-6. Data for all population groups
23-6. National tracking of Healthy People 2010 objectives
23-7. Timely release of data on objectives
23-10. Continuing education and training by public health agencies
23-16. Data on public health expenditures
23-17. Prevention research
27. Tobacco Use
27-1. Adult tobacco use
27-2. Adolescent tobacco use
27-3. Initiation of tobacco use
27-4. Age at first use of tobacco
27-5. Smoking cessation by adults
27-6. Smoking cessation during pregnancy
27-7. Smoking cessation by adolescents
27-8. Insurance coverage of cessation treatment
27-9. Exposure to tobacco smoke at home among children
27-10. Exposure to environmental tobacco smoke
27-11. Smoke-free and tobacco-free schools
27-12. Worksite smoking policies
27-13. Smoke-free indoor air laws
27-14. Enforcement of illegal tobacco sales to minors laws
27-15. Retail license suspension for sales to minors
27-16. Tobacco advertising and promotion targeting adolescents and young adults
27-17. Adolescent disapproval of smoking
27-18. Tobacco control programs
27-19. Preemptive tobacco control laws
27-20. Tobacco product regulation
27-21. Tobacco tax

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