Access and Utilization of New Antidepressant and Antipsychotic Medications. E. Employers


In order to gain an industry-wide perspective on the approach to behavioral health and pharmacy benefits, The Lewin Group interviewed the William Mercer Corporation. As a result, the following criteria were identified as necessary characteristics of the employers selected for this study:

  • Place a high priority on behavioral health;
  • Provide a range of innovative and flexible benefits (e.g., offer multiple levels of care beyond inpatient and outpatient treatment);
  • Encourage employees to access behavioral health care;
  • Represent a geographically diverse group;
  • Operate national lines of business; and
  • Self-insure.

From this established criteria, two employers were named: Motorola and Delta Airlines. Motorola and Delta were identified as large Fortune 500 employers who self-insure, and with whom The Lewin Group has established contacts. Motorola presents an interesting perspective as it customized a behavioral health specialist provider network based on employee preferences and past claims data in order to ensure that its employees requiring mental health or substance abuse treatment receive the highest possible quality of care. On the other hand, Delta Airlines, as a member of the airline industry, faces a variety of challenges specific to pilots. Namely, federal regulations ground pilots taking psychoactive medications, including standard antidepressants, and often make pilots fearful of seeking any behavioral health treatment. Delta recognized the special needs of this unique population and has attempted to structure its benefits plan accordingly.

Company (Covered Lives) Reason for Inclusion
Motorola (58,800 employees)
  • Large employer
  • Staff at Lewin have worked with Randy Johnson, benefits manager
  • Reputation for comprehensive and innovative programs
  • Built its own network for mental health services based on employee input
  • Pharmacy benefit managed by PBM
  • Self insure
Delta Airlines (200,000)
  • Large employer
  • Network model HMO and FFS
  • Tailors benefits to specific needs of employees
  • Pharmacy benefit managed by HMO