Access and Utilization of New Antidepressant and Antipsychotic Medications. B. Managed Behavioral Health Care Organizations


The criteria used to select three managed behavioral health care organizations (MBHCOs) for this study included:

  1. Number of covered lives;
  2. Geographic proximity (in order to fulfill the required two site visits);
  3. Client make-up; and
  4. Involvement in other social service sectors.

As a result, Magellan and Value/Options were selected as they represent the two largest MBHCOs and are located in the Washington, DC metropolitan area which is in close proximity to The Lewin Group offices. Additionally, Magellan and Value/Options are involved in other sectors, such as the prison system, welfare, and state Medicaid programs. The third MBHCO, United Behavioral Health, was selected for its client make-up, which favors the private sector (off-setting the large public sector client make-up of Magellan and Value/Options) and because The Lewin Group has an excellent relationship with UBH.

(Covered Lives)
Reason For Inclusion
Magellan (65 million)
  • Largest BHMCO in terms of covered lives
  • Involvement in States, Welfare, etc.
Value/Options (22 million)
  • #2 in terms of covered lives
  • Involvement with Prison System
United Behavioral Health (UBH) (16 million)
  • #3 in terms of covered lives
  • Higher proportion of private sector clients than others