Access and Utilization of New Antidepressant and Antipsychotic Medications. Appendix B. Interview Strategy


This study focused on identifying and interviewing individuals from a variety of organizations or programs represented by the following perspectives:

  • Pharmaceutical companies;
  • Managed behavioral health care companies;
  • Health maintenance organizations;
  • Pharmacy benefit managers;
  • Employer-provided insurance plans;
  • Publicly-funded insurance (Medicaid, Veteran's Administration, CHAMPUS);
  • State Mental Health systems;
  • Corrections system;
  • Provider associations; and
  • Consumer and advocacy groups.

In order to determine which entities or groups should be interviewed under each perspective, a qualitative approach was utilized. Moreover, the project officers and The Lewin Group team identified specific criteria that were used to select each interview target. From this criteria, a possible pool of candidates for each type of respondent was generated based on expert recommendations, data collected from the literature and other trade press articles, and personal contacts at the respective entity. Many of the final interview respondents were self-selected, as interviews with some companies or organizations proved particularly challenging and the project team resorted to alternate candidates.

The information that follows lists the specific criteria for each respondent type and consequently, the final list of candidates. No delineation is made as to whether the interview respondent was a first, second, or third choice.