1997 Chartbook on Childrens' Insurance Status . Family Structure


The next two charts illuminate differences in family structure among families with uninsured children and those with insured children. Both charts focus on the relationship between children and the head of household; i.e., is the household head the child's parent, another relative, or unrelated to the child? The first chart shows the prevalence of each type of family structure among uninsured children relative to insured children. The second chart shows the percentage of children with a given relationship to the head of household who are uninsured; it demonstrates the dramatic differences among different family structures in rates of uninsurance.

  • Compared to insured children, uninsured children are less likely to be part of families in which one of their parents is the household head. 12% of uninsured children live in households run by a non-parent relative or an unrelated adult, compared to 3% of insured children.
  • Children living with a parent who is the household head are at lowest risk of being uninsured: 13% of such children are uninsured.