1996 Chartbook on Childrens' Insurance Status . Uninsured Children by Race/National Origin


The following two charts show the relationship between coverage status and race or national origin (Hispanics of any race are counted as Hispanics). The first chart compares a given race's representation in the insured and uninsured popoulations. The second chart shows the percentages of children in each race/national origin who are uninsured.

  • Although white children comprise 67% of the insured population under 18 years, they are less than half (49%) of the uninsured population under 18.
  • Hispanics, on the other hand, comprise a disproportionate share of uninsured children: Hispanic children comprise 12% of insured children, but 28% of the uninsured.
  • African-American children are also over-represented among uninsured children, although not to as great a degree as Hispanics: they represent 15% of insured children, but 17% of the uninsured.
  • Over 1/4 (27%) of all Hispanic children are uninsured, compared with 15% of all African-American, non-Hispanic children and 11% of all white, non-Hispanic children.