1996 Chartbook on Childrens' Insurance Status . Insurance Status by Census Region


As the following two charts show, uninsured children are not evenly distributed among geographic census regions. The first chart compares the relative proportions of uninsured children and insured children in each census region: the first bar shows the proportion of uninsured children living in a given region, while the second bar shows the proportion of insured children living in that same region. The second chart shows the percentages of children within each region who are uninsured.

  • The South and West regions are home to a disproportionate percentage of uninsured children under 18: 57% of insured children reside in the South or West, but 70% of uninsured children live in these regions.
  • 43% of all uninsured children reside in the South, while only a third (34%) of insured children live there.
  • Although 14% of children nationwide are uninsured, only 9% of those in the Midwest are uninsured, while 17% of those in the South and 16% of those in the West lack insurance.