March 1993 Current Population Survey Re-Benchmarked on 1990 Census


The statistical procedure of "re-benchmarking" the March 1993 Current Population Survey on the 1990 Census instead of the 1980 Census of the Population resulted in increased estimates of the number of both insured and uninsured persons. The total population increased by 2.6 million (about 1%). The increase in population was divided almost equally between persons with health insurance and uninsured persons. The final estimates for 1993 are 218.2 million persons with health insurance coverage (either public — Medicare or Medicaid — or private) and 38.6 million persons (about 15% of the population) without health insurance coverage. Thirty-three percent (33%) of Hispanics, 20% of Blacks, and 14% of Whites are uninsured. (ASPE Research Notes, Volume 12) [5 PDF pages]

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