Analysis of the California In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) Plus Waiver Demonstration Program


This report documents IHSS Plus Waiver implementation and recipient Medicaid service use in calendar year 2005. Analyses compare recipients having a waiver-eligible provider (i.e., parents of children, spouses of adults) for any portion of 2005 with recipients in the regular IHSS program who received personal assistant services through other relatives and non-relative providers during the same period. Recipients are classified by these provider types of an "intention to treat" basis. Recipients changing between spouse/parent providers and non-waiver eligible providers are considered throughout the analysis as being in the spouse/parent group. This is analogous to an experiment where an individual enrolls into the innovative care group and later changes into "usual" care, but for purposes of analysis, the recipient is included within the group to which they were originally assigned. [147 PDF Pages]

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