Origins of the HHS Data Council


TAB D - HHS Data Council

In November, 1994, Secretary Shalala asked for the formation of a department-wide information systems committee, to handle key data and privacy issues that cut across all HHS OpDivs and StaffDivs. That committee accomplished a great deal, but was a somewhat informal group, focusing on REGO2 and the Vice President's directives. To address the full range of health and non-health data and privacy issues that require a department-wide forum, the committee recommended a permanent, more formal structure.

To that end, the Secretary created the HHS Data Council. Under the auspices of the HHS Data Council, all HHS health and non-health data collection and analysis activities are coordinated across the Department through a data collection strategy, coordination of activities, data standards and related data policy activities, and privacy policy activities.

The bulk of the Data Council's work will be staffed by issue-specific, multi-agency working groups, assigned to accomplish clear goals. These working groups will be coordinated by central data policy staff in the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation (ASPE), who will also provide executive secretariat support to the Data Council. The Data Council's first meeting was August 19, 1995. Secretary's Shalala's memo officially creating and charging the Data Council follows.