National Evaluation of Welfare-to-Work Strategies: 2-Year Client Survey File



                                  CD #2

The Two-Year Client Survey File and documentation include:

NOTE: All files are in ASCII.

S2PCOVER.TXT  provides an introduction to the data and documentation and offers
suggestions on how to use the files.

NPBCOVER.TXT  provides a general introduction to the data and documentation
of the NEWWS Evaluation Public Use Files (6-CD set) and offers suggestions
on how to use the files.


This is the ASCII data file with responses to sections of the survey
administered to all respondents (N=9,675).  It includes questions on
child care for employment and a limited number of child
outcomes.  (More detailed information on these subjects can be found in
the Child Outcomes Study Survey file.)  The file also contains outcome
measures created from survey responses and information on administration
of the survey: interview date, mode  (phone/in-person), and length.
Each sample member has 18 records of data.  The file is sorted by each
sample member's randomly generated IDNUMBER and record number.


1) Survey responses must be weighted to make the findings generalizable
to the Full Impact Sample.  The variable that weights the responses is
called FIELDWGT and is included on the file.  SEE N2PSSAMP.TXT and
N2PS_IMP.TXT for details.

2) Respondents' background characteristics and administrative records
data are stored on the Five-Year Full Sample Impact file. (CD #1)

Read N5PI1809.TXT, select SRV2RESP=1 (2-Year Survey respondent), and merge
by IDNUMBER to add these records to the survey file.


This file contains the data codebook, a comprehensive description of
N2PS1717.TXT. For each variable on the data file the codebook
provides the following information:  The name of the variable and
its starting and ending columns on the ASCII file, the variable's SAS
informat (5.0 is the default), the variable label,  a brief
description of the variable and any issues with the variable.
(Note: The data are stored in ASCII, so informats can be changed to
conform to any statistical or econometric software package.) The codebook
also displays the N, NMISS, MEAN, Standard Deviation, Minimum, and
Maximum for each variable.  For variables with 51 values or less,  a
frequency distribution is listed.  The frequencies show the value
labels. These may be copied and, if necessary, modified to be read into
SAS or any other statistical or econometric software package.


This file contains the body of a SAS input statement (variable name, 
starting column, length, informat)  which will read N2PS1717.TXT.  
 To run this input statement in SAS you must add the word INPUT to the 
top line and a semicolon to the bottom line.  This statement can be 
modified to input the data into any statistical or econometric 
software package.


SAS PROC MEANS output contains the following information for all

N,Nmiss, Mean, Std Dev, Minimum, Maximum


SAS variable label statements for each variable of the data file.
Labels can be modified to conform to syntax rules of any statistical or
econometric software package.

  SAMTBL1.TXT:   Displays sample sizes for full impact sample, 2-year
                   Client Survey respondents, 2-year Child Outcomes
                   Study survey respondents, Private Opinion Survey
                   respondents, and sample members who completed
                   literacy and math tests at baseline.  The table also
                   shows random assignment dates.

  CCARTBL1.TXT   These annotated tables display key outcomes of use and cost
  CCARTBL2.TXT   of child care for employment.

  CHLDTBL1.TXT   This annotated table displays child outcomes.

  DEGRTBL1.TXT   This annotated table displays key outcomes of degree receipt.

  HCOMTBL1.TXT   This annotated table displays key outcomes of household

  NCSHTBL1.TXT   These annotated tables display key outcomes of medical
  NCSHTBL2.TXT   coverage and non-cash benefits.

  PARTTBL1.TXT   These annotated tables display key outcomes of participation
  PARTTBL2.TXT   in employment-related services, attitudes toward work and
  PARTTBL3.TXT   welfare, and sanctions.

  SEMPTBL1.TXT   These annotated tables display key outcomes of employment.

  SINCTBL1.TXT   These annotated tables display key outcomes of respondent
  SINCTBL2.TXT   and household income.


  N2PSSAMP.TXT:  Background information on sample selection,
                   response rates, and weighting

  N2PSVARS.TXT:  Background information on how outcome measures were
                   created from survey data.

  N2PS_IMP.TXT:  Background information on estimating program impacts
                   with survey data.