Privacy and Health Research


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Privacy and Health Research

A Report to the U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services

May 1997

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Executive Summary

1. Coupled Societal Goods: Privacy and Research

  • Current legislative attention
  • Heightened public concern
  • Privacy, confidentiality, security
  • Privacy and confidentiality in health care
  • Privacy and confidentiality in health research
  • Potential harms from wrongful disclosure
  • Some ancillary privacy-rights claims
  • Weighing privacy against research need

2. Health Data and Data Holders

  • "Data" vocabulary
  • The universe of health data
  • Especially-sensitive data
  • The diversity of data holders
  • Databases useful for research
  • The international flow of data

3. Data from Research, Research on Data

  • Research to advance basic biomedical science
  • Research to know patterns of health, disease, and disability
  • Research to reduce public-health threats
  • Research to understand utilization of health care
  • Research to evaluate and improve practices
  • Research to make effective innovations
  • Research to analyze economic factors
  • Research to appraise markets

4. Identifiability, Consent, and Protections

  • Identifiable---key-coded---anonymized
  • Anonymized data
  • Reasons for retaining identifiability
  • Managing key-coded data
  • U.S. subjects-protection policy
  • Data-subject consent
  • Institutional Review Board supervision

5. New Laws in Europe

  • The European Union Data Privacy Directive
  • Legal revisions in some European countries
  • New Council of Europe Recommendation on Protection of Medical Data
  • Dialogue between the U.S. and Europe

6. The U.S. Legal Context

  • Standard protections
  • Certificates of Confidentiality
  • The Federal Privacy Act
  • Federal agencies' statutes
  • State laws and activities
  • The new insurance law
  • Proposed new medical privacy laws

7. Major Current Issue Clusters

  • Secondary use of data, and data linking
  • Research on private-sector health data
  • Cybersecurity
  • Genetic privacy

8. Principles

Appendix: The Author, and ASPE


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