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HHS Guidelines for Ensuring and Maximizing the Quality, Objectivity, Utility, and
Integrity of Information Disseminated to the Public

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This site describes the HHS Information Quality Guidelines as well as the supporting administrative mechanisms to request correction of information covered under the guidelines. The HHS Guidelines were developed in accordance with the provisions of P.L. 106-554 and OMB government-wide requirements directing all federal agencies to issue guidelines for ensuring the quality of the information that they disseminate to the public. The HHS Guidelines include department-wide umbrella policies and guidelines, operating agency specific guidelines, and administrative mechanisms to request correction of applicable information.

Effective Date: The quality review procedures described in the HHS Guidelines apply to information disseminated by HHS agencies on or after October 1, 2002. The administrative correction mechanisms outlined in the guidelines apply to information disseminated by HHS agencies on or after October 1, 2002 regardless of when it was first disseminated.

The purposes of the Guidelines are to provide policy and procedural guidance to agency staff, and to inform the public about agency policies and procedures. HHS views the guidelines as an evolving document and process. HHS will continually review the performance of the guidelines in the context of agency statutes and missions and will make revisions to the guidelines as necessary.


Part I: HHS Overview

  1. Summary of HHS Guidelines
  2. OMB Guidelines
  3. HHS Responsibilities
  4. Framework for HHS Guidelines
    1. Purpose
    2. Definitions
    3. Scope and Applicability of the Guidelines
    4. Overview of HHS Information Dissemination and Quality Assurance
      1. HHS Mission
      2. Categories of Information Disseminated
      3. Types of Dissemination Mechanisms
      4. Overview of Quality Assurance Policies and Practices in HHS
      5. Influential Scientific, Financial and Statistical Information
      6. Health, Safety and Environmental Information
      7. Urgent Public Health and Safety Information
  5. Overview of Agency Complaint Procedures

Part II: HHS Agency Responsibilities and Guidelines

This section contains agency-specific information quality guidelines. For each HHS operating agency, the following information is described: the mission of the agency, the scope and applicability of the guidelines within the agency, the types of information that the agency disseminates to the public, the types of dissemination methods employed, agency quality assurance procedures, and administrative mechanisms for handling correction requests.

  1. Administration for Children and Families
  2. Administration on Aging
  3. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality
  4. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention / Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry
  5. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services
  6. Food and Drug Administration
  7. Health Resources and Services Administration
  8. Indian Health Service
  9. National Institutes of Health
  10. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration
  11. Office of the Secretary
    1. Office of the Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation
    2. Office of the Inspector General
    3. Office of Public Health and Science