Working Papers on Long-Term Care. Working Papers on Long-Term Care : Table 26


: Table 26

1935SOCIAL SECURITY ACT Provided a legislative base for social insurance, public assistance and social service programs. Introduced the concept of Federal responsibility for social welfare programs.
1950AMENDMENTS TO THE SOCIAL SECURITY ACT Expanded categories of public assistance and provided for a program of direct reimbursement (vendor payments) to hospitals and physicians for care of beneficiaries. Required participating states to establish licensing programs for nursing homes.
1954HILL-BURTON PROGRAM AMENDMENTS Provided funding to public and nonprofit entities for the construction of nursing homes. Promoted development of nursing home standards regarding physical construction, facility design, and staffing patterns.
1956AMENDMENTS TO THE SOCIAL SECURITY ACT Encouraged the expansion of vendor payments to nursing homes by establishing a separate Federal match for these payments.
1957AMENDMENTS TO THE SOCIAL SECURITY ACT Established a program of cash benefits for totally disabled workers.
1960KERR-MILLS PROGRAM Provided a more generous Federal match for vendor payments for a wide range of services including "skilled nursing have services." Established the concept of medical indigency apart from a need for old age income assistance.
1965MEDICARE - MEDICAID PROGRAMS (P.L. 89-97) As part of broad health insurance benefits made available to those over 65 years of age through Medicare, provided an "extended care" facility benefit. To those meeting specified income criteria, offered skilled nursing have services through Medicaid. Limited home health services were also made available under Medicare for posthospital homebound patients.
1965THE OLDER AMERICANS ACT Provided assistance for community planning, service delivery and training to assist older persons.
1966AMENDMENTS TO THE SOCIAL SECURITY ACT (P.L. 89-713) Assured for-profit extended-care facilities a reasonable return on net equity.
1967AMENDMENTS TO THE SOCIAL SECURITY ACT (H.R. 12080) (P.L. 90-248) Established standards to improve the efficiency and quality of services in nursing homes. Created a program of professional medical review of utilization patterns within nursing homes.
1971AMENDMENTS TO THE SOCIAL SECURITY ACT (H.R. 10604) (P.L. 92-233) Added coverage of intermediate care facilities and institutions for the mentally retarded as optional services under Title XIX (Medicaid).
1972AMENDMENTS TO THE SOCIAL SECURITY ACT (P.L. 92-603) Extended coverage under Medicare to the disabled. Combined Medicare "extended-care" facilities and Medicaid "skilled nursing" homes into a single service category -- the skilled nursing facility. Established Professional Standards Review Organizations. Created the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) program to provide cash assistance to the aged, blind and disabled. Required payment to skilled nursing facilities and intermediate care facilities under Medicaid on a reasonable cost related basis.
1972AMENDMENTS TO THE OLDER AMERICANS ACT Established a nutrition program for the elderly under Title VII of the Older Americans Act.
1973AMENDMENTS TO THE OLDER AMERICANS ACT Required state to designate Area Agencies on Aging to develop and implement area plans.
1975MEDICARE DEADLINE AMENDMENTS (P.L. 94-182) Required skilled nursing facilities participating in the Medicare and Medicaid program to meet the 1973 Life Safety Code as opposed to the 1967 Life Safety Code. Facilities already qualified under the 1967 code or state codes did not lose their eligibility to participate in the programs.
1975AMENDMENTS TO THE OLDER AMERICANS ACT Specified four national priorities (transportation, home services, legal and other counseling services and residential repair and renovation programs) for which states were obligated to spend a minimum amount of their allotted funds.
1975AMENDMENTS TO THE SOCIAL SECURITY ACT (P.L. 93-647) Consolidated funding for social services into Title XX of the Social Security Act.
1977MEDICARE - MEDICAID ANTIFRAUD AND ABUSE AMENDMENTS (P.L. 95-142) Encouraged detection and prevention of fraud and abuse in the Medicare and Medicaid programs by requiring increased disclosure of information, institution of uniform reporting systems and strengthened penalty provisions.
1978AMENDMENTS TO THE OLDER AMERICANS ACT (P.L. 95-478) Consolidated Titles III, V and VII while providing separate authorizations for social services, congregate meals and for home-delivered meals.
1980AMENDMENTS TO THE SOCIAL SECURITY ACT (P.L. 96-499) Authorized the Secretary to enter into agreements with snail, rural hospitals to use their beds on a "swing" basis, as acute care or long-term care, depending on the need. Also authorizes swing bed demonstrations for large and/or urban hospitals. Required reimbursement according to level of care for hospital patients awaiting nursing home placement. Authorized the Secretary to impose intermediate sanctions in lieu of decertification where nursing facilities are out of compliance with conditions of participation. Authorized the Secretary to "look behind" a State survey of an ICF or SNF where there is cause to question the adequacy of the State's determination. Eliminated the 3-day prior hospital stay requirement for Medicare patients needing home health services under Part A. Deleted the $60 deductible for home health benefits under Part B of Medicare. Provided Medicare coverage for unlimited home health visits. Included the need for occupational therapy as a qualifying criterion for home health benefits.