Trends in the Use of Early Care and Education, 1995-2011: Descriptive Analysis of Child Care Arrangements from National Survey Data : Table 2


: Table 2

Demographic characteristicsMore likely in preschool/center care (comparison group is diametric subgroup, unless otherwise specified)More likely in private preschool/center care with a family payment (comparison group is diametric subgroup unless otherwise specified) 
 Children from higher-income families (CPS & NHES) ✓    ✓     
Children with employed mothers (CPS & NHES)✓    ✓     
Children with more highly educated mothers (CPS)✓    ✓     
Children with native-born mothers (CPS)✓    ✓     
Children with married mothers (CPS)✓    ✓     
White, Black and Asian Children (CPS)*✓      
White and Asian Children (CPS) **✓    ✓