Medicaid Substance Abuse Treatment Spending: Findings Report. TABLE B.2. Drug Abuse Diagnosis Codes


TABLE B.2. Drug Abuse Diagnosis Codes

  ICD-9-CM  Description  Category of Service  
292Drug psychosesCore
2920Drug withdrawal syndromeCore
2921Drug paranoid/hallucinosisCore
2922Pathologic drug intoxicationCore
2928Other drug mental diseaseCore
2929Drug mental disorder NOSCore
304Drug dependenceCore
3040Opioid type dependenceCore
3041Barbiturate dependenceCore
3042Cocaine dependenceCore
3043Cannabis dependenceCore
3044Amphetamine dependenceCore
3045Hallucinogen dependenceCore
3046Drug dependence NECCore
3047Opioid/other drug dependenceCore
3048Combinations of drug dependence NEC  Core
3049Drug dependence NOSCore
305Nondependent drug abuseCore
3052Cannabis abuseCore
3053Hallucinogen abuseCore
3054Barbiturate abuseCore
3055Opioid abuseCore
3056Cocaine abuseCore
3057Amphetamine abuseCore
3058Antidepressant abuseCore
3059Drug abuse NEC/NOSCore
6483Drug dependence in pregnancyFetus
357.6Polyneuropathy due to drugsSupplemental  
6555Suspected damage to fetus from drugsFetus
76072Fetus affected by narcoticsFetus
76073Fetus affected by hallucinogenic agentsFetus
76075Fetus affected by cocaineFetus
7795Drug withdrawal symptoms in newbornsFetus
965Poisoning related to narcoticsPoisoning
967Poisoning by sedatives and hypnoticsPoisoning
968Poisoning by central nervous system muscle tone depressants  Poisoning
969Poisoning by psychotropic agentsPoisoning
970Poisoning by central nervous system stimulantsPoisoning
E850-E858Accidental poisoning by drugs, medicaments, and biologicalsPoisoning
E863Accidental poisoning by agricultural and horticultural chemical & pharmaceutical preparations other than plant food & fertilizer  Poisoning
E950.0-E950.6  Suicide & self-inflicted injury by drugs or medicinal substancesPoisoning