Medicaid Substance Abuse Treatment Spending: Findings Report. TABLE B.1. Alcohol Abuse Diagnosis Codes


TABLE B.1. Alcohol Abuse Diagnosis Codes

  ICD-9-CM  Description  Category of Service  
291Alcoholic psychosesCore
2910Delirium tremensCore
2911Alcohol amnestic syndromeCore
2912Alcoholic dementia NECCore
2913Alcohol hallucinosisCore
2914Pathologic alcohol intoxicationCore
2915Alcoholic jealousyCore
2918Alcoholic psychosis NECCore
2919Alcoholic psychosis NOSCore
303Alcohol dependence syndromeCore
3030Acute alcohol intoxicationCore
3039Alcohol dependency NEC/NOSCore
3050Alcohol abuseCore
9800Toxic effects of ethyl alcoholPoisoning
9801Toxic effects of methyl alcoholPoisoning
E8600Accidental poisoning by alcoholic beverages  Poisoning
E8601Accidental poisoning by ethyl alcoholPoisoning
E8602Accidental poisoning by methyl alcoholPoisoning
E8609Accidental poisoning by unspecified alcoholPoisoning
7903Excessive blood level of alcoholPoisoning
3575Alcoholic polyneuropathySupplemental  
4255Alcoholic cardiomyopathySupplemental
5353Alcoholic gastritisSupplemental
5710Alcoholic fatty liverSupplemental
5711Acute alcoholic hepatitisSupplemental
5712Alcoholic cirrhosis of liverSupplemental
5713Alcoholic liver damage, unspecifiedSupplemental
6554Suspected damage to fetus from alcohol addiction  Fetus
76071Fetal alcohol syndromeFetus